Over the years I have have been lucky enough to work with some great people from the world of entertainment but my photography interests range fare and wide.


LAOS the musical Theatre company at the Grand Theatre & Leeds playhouse 20yrs

Paul Swift tv stunt Driver

Terry Grant tv stunt driver

Tony Dixon Swampthing Monster Truck 

Alan Vaughan (and family) Slingshot Monster Truck

Jesse McClure & Todd E Dewey & Lisa Kelly Ice road Truckers

Matt Coulter  Paul Hannam The Kangaroo Kid stunt show

Ben Atkinson Kat Pickering Horse Master / stunt performer

Karen Shutler Monster Truck driver for Big Pete Ltd

Heart beat x1, Frost x4, Peak Practice x2,You bet x1, Emmerdale x1, Hollyoaks x2

Bond film Die Another Day x2

Joe Hodgson Joe's Owl Encounters

Ken Kitson (last of the summer wine) actor and Director

Ian Batey Extreme Stunt show

Steve Whyment TV & film stunt performer

Mark Vandal Van Driel Film stunt rider Two Bros stunt team

Drew Thornton Podzila Monster Truck driver

Debbie McAndrew (Coronation st) Actor & Director

Jez Avery Stunt rider

Derek Lea world class film stunt performer

Extreme Circus

Team Broke FMX

Wolfie Hughes Horse stunt rider and archer

Dingle Fingle


Arian Nik actor and singer

Henry Hernandez Ayala world class clown

Fred Dibnah

Nicholas Parsons

Eddy Kidd film stunt rider

Jennifer Batten 3 x world tour with Michael Jackson

John Rhys-Davies Sallah in Indiana Jones

Ashley Mark film stunt rider

Alice Rathbone,Charles Barrett, Ricky Burnitt, Mike Collin horse stunt riders

Ron Shirley Lizard Lick Towing USA tv

Lee Bowers Stunt rider

             Professor David Bellamy,Ashley Jackson,Sir Paul Mccartney,Derek Fowlds

Star Trek convention

Jennifer Hetrick, Patti Yasutake, John Pertwee (Doctor Who)


Highlander TV show convention

Stan Kirsch,Peter Wingfield,Valentine Pelka,Michael J Jackson,Richard Ridings

"Just to name a few over fifteen years"